67th International “ Nord Festival” Regulations

Open International Youth Competition in Rock-Climbing “Khibiny spring”.

(II stage of the Youth Cup of Russia 2001yr.)


1. Purposes

Development & popularization of sports rock-climbing at the Nord-West of Russia.

Improving of sports qualification of rock-climbers.

Formation of youth combined and representative team of Russia

Consolidation & extension of international relations among rock-climbers


2. Date & place

The competition will take place 23-28 of March 2001 at the Sport Complex “Atlet”: 4, Pobedy St., Apatity, Murmansk region, 184200, Russia. Tel./fax: +7 81555 77407 E-mail: atlet@apec.ru


3. Headquarters

Direction of the Competitions is done by Sport Committee of Murmansk region and Climbing Federation of Russia (CFR). The direct organizer is Sport Committee of Apatity, Rock-Climbing Federation of Apatity and Kirovsk.


4. Provisional program

There are three kinds (difficulty, speed & bouldering) for youth and two kinds for juniors & teenagers (difficulty & speed) at the competition.

  March 23d – Arrival, accommodating, registration at the Sport Complex “ATLET”.

  March 24-25th – Opening. Difficulty.

  March 26th – Speed.

  March 27-28th – Bouldering. Awarding ceremony.


5. Competitors/Team quotas

All Russian sportsmen have to be not older than 1982 yr. born, applied by the regional sport organization or by the federation. The competitors should paid the regional fee of the Climbing Federation of Russia (CFR) (2000 –2001 yrs). Foreign sportsmen have to applied by their national federation. Sportsmen have to medical visa & document confirmed the age of the competitor (passport or id-card). Entrance fee is 200rbls.

The age categories:

  Senior:             1982/83

  Youth:              1984/85

  Teenagers:       1986/87

  Juniors:            1988/yonger



3 stages of the competition: ¼ final, ½ final & final.

If the group has more than 50 sportsmen, ¼ final shall consist of 2 routes and 24 sportsmen will qualify for the ½ final. In case the number of competitors is 25-50 then 20 competitors will qualify for the ½ final. The groups have less than 25 sportsmen will not participated in the ¼ final. 8 sportsmen from 24 sportsmen’s group, 6 sportsmen from the 20 sportsmen’s group, 8 sportsmen from groups started in the ½ final took part in the final (but it should be no more than 75% of all participated sportsmen).


2 part: the qualifying round & the final round.

Qualifying is held on 2 routes. 8 competitors from each age group with the best sum of time on the qualifying routes qualify for the final round. The final round is to take place in pair racing


2 part: the qualifying round & the final round. Sportsmen allow to complete if they have current rank/grade. Besides that 3 sportsmen from groups of Moscow, St-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsky kray, Sverdlovsk, Voronegh and Murmansk region; 2 sportsmen from groups of Kaliningrad, Tchelyabinsk, Samara & Tumen region and Bashkortostan republic; 1 sportsmen from the others regions allow to participate.


6. Awarding ceremony.

Winners and prize–winners in each age group are awarded by prizes of Murmansk region Sport Committee, Apatity Sport Committee & sponsors.


7. Applications

Personal applications are to be medically certified (the registration form is attached) and certified by regional sport organization or federation and forwarded to sportscomplex “Atlet”. Application deadline is 23rd of March from 18.00 to 19.00. There will be judges’ and team representatives’ meeting at 20.00. Preliminary information about the number of competitors in every age group should be send to Organizing Committee before 15th of March.

Tel./fax.: +7 81555 77407; home tel.(Sergey Mikhaelis) : +7 81555 74515. E-mail: atlet@apec.ru


Hotel reservation is to be  done before 15th of March

Tel.: +7 81555 75141 (Apatity Sport Committee)

Apply to for more detailed information: http://www.atlet.apec.ru (since 1 January 2001) 

8. Accomodation.

The traveling expenses, accommodation and food, applications fee are covered by the competitors .







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